“Dr. Bennett told me he could fix me and he did! My knee pain was so bad I was wearing a knee brace and taking 8-10 Advils a day. After a couple visits, I no longer needed my Advils or knee brace because my pain was gone. I don’t know what he did but my knee hasn’t felt like this in years!” . – E. P.

“He does good work, very thorough. Seems like he knows what he’s doing and the results don’t lie”. . – J. K.

“I’ve had plantar fasciitis for a long time now. I’ve done everything from stretches to massages to expensive orthotics and even putting a bottle of water in the freezer and rolling my feet over it with no results. I was about to schedule surgery but surgery scares me. When Dr. Bennett said he could help I didn’t believe him. After the first session, I woke up the next morning and walked to the bathroom with no pain for the first time in I don’t know how long. The pain gradually came back over a couple weeks but at least I know Dr. Bennett can get me relief. If I was consistent in seeing him, I’m sure my plantar fasciitis would be gone for good”. . – T. B.

“Everyone here is great! I was referred here by my daughter and had been at the ER two weeks earlier with pain so bad I feared something was wrong with my hip. It was actually sciatica gone wild, and more. I had not had a chiropractic visit in over 10 years until seeing Dr. Bennett. The improvement was amazing. He is highly skilled and explains everything he”s doing and the desired result. (And it works!) Following today’s visit, my mobility is far better, the horrific pain is going away, and I am truly grateful. Dr. Bennett is incredible!” – T. W.

I wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond to keep my family healthy. My wife and I both enjoyed the professionalism you showed while educating us on the human body. I wanted to comment on the knowledge you provided on the body’s pressure points. After a full analysis and the correct vitamin suggestions, I felt more knowledgeable than when I walked into the room. My wife has had a back problem since she was young and thanks to your knowledge of chiropractic, she states her back feels better than ever before. – Alex

Dr Bennett did an excellent job taking care of my teenage daughter after a knee sprain . He was thorough in his exam and explanations. He made my daughter and I feel comfortable at all times. He used imitative techniques that i feel expedited my daughters healing. I have already recommended him to friends. – Kim

I highly recommend Dr. Bennett. I am an avid tennis player who had both a knee and calf injury. Within 2 visits he had me back on the court. He is thorough, highly competent, and spent a lot of time with me. You will not be sorry if you make an appointment. He also has a great “bedside manner”. -Shelly

Dr. Bennett diagnosed the issue quickly and within 3 appointments, Eric was able to play 4 soccer games in a weekend, virtually pain free. It was unreal. He is HIGHLY knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly. I’m actually now taking my other son to him to help with plantar fasciitis pain and expect the same outstanding results! -Meredith

Dr. Nate Bennett is a miracle worker!! Prior to working with Dr. Bennett, I hadn’t seen a chiropractor in many years. Wow, how things have changed. I was in a car accident at the beginning of the year and was unaware of how it truly affected me… until I had a session with Dr. Bennett. There are truly no words to describe his expertise in his field. You leave feeling like a brand new person. My neck and back have never felt better… months later. I left feeling like I could climb any mountain. I am looking forward to continuing regular maintenance with him. Trust me when I say, there is no one better!! -Trina

Nate has addressed all of my ailments and always helps the situation! While chiropractic care works best when you are consistent, I felt relief even after one session. There was one instance where I tweaked my elbow and was having crazy shooting pains that ran down through my fingers, I couldn’t bend my arm, and I was having a lot of sensitivity with my funny bone. I was lucky enough to track Nate down and he was able to relieve the shooting pain immediately and help me gain some of my mobility back. By the next day, I had full mobility and no pain. Nate is professional, dedicated, and a family man! I would recommend him 10 times over. -Allie

My family has being going to Dr. Bennett for a few months now and he is excellent! He takes time with his patients and explains exactly what he is doing as he works on different parts of the body. He’s super knowledgeable and effective as well. My daughter had a bad cold and ear infection and the adjustment he gave her practically cured her within a day! Amazed us :-). -Pam

Dr. Bennett is extremely knowledgeable. But just knowing a lot of information about the body isn’t what makes him great. He asks probing questions to understand each individual patient and after carefully listening, he applies his vast knowledge to deliver exceptional care to each patient. -Brittany

Dr. Bennett has been great to work with. I am new to getting adjusted and he always makes sure I am comfortable and goes into detail each visit. I will continue to recommended him to family and friends. -Amy

Dr. Nathan Bennett is an absolutely amazing chiropractor! He is very patient using an individual, holistic approach when adjusting his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable and would definitely recommend him to anyone! -Bridget

Dr. Bennett helped my teenage daughter recover from upper back pain related to playing volleyball. He was very professional and thoroughly explained the treatment during the appointment. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. -Chris

Dr. Bennett took extra time to work on my daughter’s back and her headaches. He is so patient and caring. The way he explained what was going on made perfect sense. He didn’t talk over anyone’s head, and he made sure we both understood the exercises to follow up on. I would recommend him to all ages for any ailment. -Kristi

Dr. Bennett has been fantastic helping me recover and prevent tennis injuries. From plantar fasciitis to calf strains Nate has been instrumental in me playing tennis pain free. Highly recommend! -Lisa

Dr. Bennett is amazing. My daughter had a severe high ankle sprain and he had her back playing volleyball in just 3 weeks. Orthopedist had said to expect 4-6 weeks before recovery with PT. I would highly recommend him to anyone. -Ashley

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