“Dr. Bennett told me he could fix me and he did! My knee pain was so bad I was wearing a knee brace and taking 8-10 Advils a day. After a couple visits, I no longer needed my Advils or knee brace because my pain was gone. I don’t know what he did but my knee hasn’t felt like this in years!” . – E. P.

“He does good work, very thorough. Seems like he knows what he’s doing and the results don’t lie”. . – J. K.

“I’ve had plantar fasciitis for a long time now. I’ve done everything from stretches to massages to expensive orthotics and even putting a bottle of water in the freezer and rolling my feet over it with no results. I was about to schedule surgery but surgery scares me. When Dr. Bennett said he could help I didn’t believe him. After the first session, I woke up the next morning and walked to the bathroom with no pain for the first time in I don’t know how long. The pain gradually came back over a couple weeks but at least I know Dr. Bennett can get me relief. If I was consistent in seeing him, I’m sure my plantar fasciitis would be gone for good”. . – T. B.

“Everyone here is great! I was referred here by my daughter and had been at the ER two weeks earlier with pain so bad I feared something was wrong with my hip. It was actually sciatica gone wild, and more. I had not had a chiropractic visit in over 10 years until seeing Dr. Bennett. The improvement was amazing. He is highly skilled and explains everything he”s doing and the desired result. (And it works!) Following today’s visit, my mobility is far better, the horrific pain is going away, and I am truly grateful. Dr. Bennett is incredible!” – T. W.

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