Chiropractic and Advanced Techniques

This is a list of techniques Dr. Bennett continuously studies so he can get patients better faster. That way they can return back to doing the things they love and continue doing them in the future. If you’d like to learn more about these techniques click on the links.

Dr. Bennett does not treat conditions, he treats patients and their conditions tend to get better. Dr. Bennett has had success in treating patients with the above techniques and subsequently the following conditions improved: Plantar fasciitis, low back pain, carpal tunnel, chronic fatigue syndrome, hemochromatosis, grade 1 & 2 ankle sprains, migraines, headaches, shoulder strains, frozen shoulders, tinnitus, vertigo, tendonitis, indigestion, heartburn/ reflux, sleep disturbances, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, depression, TMJ dysfunction, bed wetting, constipation, colic, torticollis, chronic and acute ear infections (otitis media), thoracic outlet syndrome, asthma, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, muscle weakness, abnormal posture, gait abnormalities etc.

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