Hi, I’m Dr. Nathan Bennett. I’m a Chiropractor and a specialist in Applied Kinesiology and Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. I believe that whatever the body created, the body can cure. It’s my job to figure out and determine what the body needs so the body can heal. I believe I’m good at what I do because I expand my ability to help my patients everyday by learning something new about the body. “Doctor” comes from the Latin word “teacher” so everyday I expand my knowledge so that I can teach my patients how to heal themselves. My philosophy is that nobody should go through life living in anguish due to imbalances in their triad of health (optimal balance between structural, chemical, & emotional stresses). Therefore, I put my time, effort, and desire into studying the body to better understand the root cause of my patients health concerns and provide them the best treatment plan to optimize their health. My ideal patients are people that have the desire to get well, stay well, and be well with a willingness to do what it takes to get back their health. If you or someone you know would benefit from seeing me as well as learn how to take control of your own health. Contact me today so we can get you on your journey towards optimal health.

“It is health that is wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. -Gandi

Dr. Nathan Bennett
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